Curtis Tractor Cab on a Kubota L3200 - 2014

I use a 5' rear snow blower to remove snow in winter, I've used it with no cover, then with a soft cab, if you've ever ran

a snow blower you know you make your own snow storm as you work and no cab will make you cold and wet in a

hurry. I purchased the Curtis hard side cab, the cost was 3850.00, yes the price is steep but cheaper then buying

a new cab tractor. The L3200 does well for all I do with it and the cab is a great addition. The Curtis cab was a

fairly easy installation, the instruction manual was like many others, hard to understand and written for more then

one model, I received no installation paperwork with the wiper and that made for a guess and by golly installation.

The cab is well constructed and fits together pretty well, one point made after each section is assembled is to leave bolts

loose... This is key to aligning the next components. Frame looks to be power coated and painted parts are a spot

on match to original tractor color. Glass is pre-installed in panels and is tempered, fit on doors is non-adjustable

and leaks air and rain at top hinge corner, windshield was not so tight either so I will add thin weather stripping on each

side. Rear lights are relocated on brackets that came in the kit but a second wire had to be added to ground directly

to light fixture due to painted parts not passing the ground. The toolbox has to be removed and if they added brackets

to relocate the lights they could have added a bracket to relocate the toolbox as I will do this because I like keeping

extra hitch pins in there. The instructions also asked that the fender grab handles be removed prior to starting cab

installation but after I got the cab installed and was sitting in it I noticed the handle mount holes were not covered

by the cab frame so I put the handles back and its a little tight between handle and frame but they help getting in or out

of cab. The cab comes with a bracket by left door for heater mount, I am in the process of using a single pass

transmission cooler off engine bypass hose for heat, more as I finish this project, there is a sticker on frame over

windshield that says wear hearing protection - cab is very noisy at operational RPM, my tractor is HST and the

higher the RPM the noisier it gets.




Using a transmission oil cooler for a tractor cab heater

Heater viewed from cabHoses exiting cabHeater viewed looking in left door

Connections to bypass and engineMetal tape on hose next to mufler

Aluminum transmission oil cooler from ebAy for 38 bucks, hoses and fittings 47 bucks.

Lots of stuff on internet about home brew heaters for cabs, this is from my experiences...

12v heaters, tried a couple, my advise - don't waste your time or money, the trans cooler works good and

plenty of heat, Kubota has the little bypass hose from the pump to engine and it works great for routing

the coolant through heater, just don't shut off or restrict flow and this needs to flow constant, the fittings on tractor

(L3200) are 1/2 inch so I plumbed trans cooler for 1/2 inch and used 1/2 inch hose. I wrapped hose with metal

tape where it was close to muffler, I thought this setup might heat ok without a fan but I am adding a semi

style truck fan above heater to to help distribute heat to windshield. After using this setup a while I ended up

adding small computer fans on a bracket behind the trans cooler, at first I had 4, then 4 more, it helps push

the heat into the cab better, I still use the semi truck fan higher in the cab to distribute the air around.


2015 - Update 3 months later and after much snow and cold temps;

The trans cooler works ok, the cab is not air tight and if its really really cold frost develops on the inside of the

windows and when I'm moving snow close to the road I need to see traffic so I don't get run over. My next option

is a radiator style cooler and fan combo from Derale, I've ordered model 15830 because of it's size and 1/2"

hose barbs inlets.


I received and installed the Derale radiator cooler (heater in my case) and it gives off much more heat,

the issue I have now is the fan on the new cooler blows to fast and is not collecting enough heat before it

comes off the the radiator so I added a PWM (pulse width modulator) motor control to slow fan speed

down and that made a big difference. What I have found is; tractors (my Kubota at least) have very effective

engine cooling systems, if you run at 540 RPM for a PTO implement the temp drops way down, also just

the addition of the radiator to provide heat in cab causes the engine to cool even more thus defeating my

purpose for more heat. But it is warmer and makes for a more enjoyable time while out in the cold.


When it's all said and done I have close to 200 dollars in this experiment, the Tuck Away heater that

is an accessory for my cab cost 400 dollars, was it worth it? Yes. Saved a little and learned a lot.








2013 - Purchased at auction for $360.00, everything in working order, replace flailer shaft and reused original bushings.

Treated rust with Right Stuff Formula 3000 and painted with TSC $6.99 red and white paint.


In barn from auctionWheels off ready for de-rusterDe-rusting metal frame parts

Cleaning metalSprayed body with red TSC paint side 1Sprayed body with red TSC paint side 2

Wheels brushed with TSC white paintBrushed trim white, side 1Brushed trim white, side 2


And yes I know in the pictures the tires got put back on backwards...




The price of Hay?/My effort to bale my own hay...


2012 - I found a Massey Ferguson 12 baler on craigslist, and got it cheap...


Just arrived home - baler from the front Back of balerAustin fixing welds and repairing hay collectorChecking knotters

Repairs done - ready for paintPaintedGood looking 1Good looking 2

Testing in a small fieldBales in larger field - worked perfectly



And then the Hay Rake (Vicon 4 Wheel Rake) - 2012



Trying it out when I got home with itBad bearings - worn shaftsMissing teeth/tinesJig for making my own teeth/tinesTurning hubs for sleevesPaint booth?Painting dust covers and hubsMain frame ready for paintThrust bearings to be added on outer hubNew shafts welded onReassemblyReinstalling hub in wheelsBearings from eBayBack togetherWheels painted



Tractor Canopy/Sun Shield - 2011


I priced a canopy at a dealer and on the internet and was again surprised to find what the bracket and the fiberglass canopy's sell for, so I set out to build my own, the frame was constructed from 3/4 square tube, then power coated black, the square u-bolts was an ebay purchase from a utility trailer parts supplier out of Florida, the canvas was custom from a local canvas maker. I bolted the frame to the top of the roll bar and slipped the cover on, complete cost was around 100 dollars.




Home made rear weight - 2011

The first project on my new Kubota. While using the loader for moving manure I usually attached the back blade for rear counter weight, this makes using the bucket harder in tight areas because of the rear blade sticking out, so I priced a ballast box and pondered the ideal of creating my own weight that was closer to the tractor, I work at a machine shop and have access to large diameter steel bar, I'm talking 8 plus inches in diameter, I asked for a 28 inch piece which weights 500 pounds, this is how it turned out. I added the 1/4 angle and top link bar for pulling trailers. The total amount I have in this project is 14.00 for a quart of Kubota orange paint from TSC, and 5.99 for the Kubota sticker from ebay.

My new quest to replace a Farm Pro/Jinma tractor

and purchase a branded compact tractor.

2011: After 300 hours on the Farm Pro and many happy projects but many quirky headaches I set out once again to find a brand name tractor as a replacement, my requirement changed a little from the first venture to this; foldable ROPS, 4x4, front loader, at least 30 horse, and Hydrostatic trans. I really wanted a JD and priced the 3032E at 18,000.00, I did not like the non removable loader arms, the layout of the controls/dash or the non foldable ROPS, the JD sales person said this tractor absolutely had to have a ballast box in order to use the loader safely. A no sale. Then I priced a New Holland where my friend works. He matched the JD price on a T1510 or what NH called the utility series, again at this price range of 18,000.00 a poorly laid out design, if you want the better tractor you have to jump up 3000.00 to the Boomer series. A no sale. Then after filling out a quote form on I was contacted by my local Kubota dealer and asked to come take a look at the new L3200, I liked it right off, layout of tractor was good, design was good, priced at 17,100.00. and now in my barn. Note about picture - the hanging tomato plant bag is an option.


My (original - 2004) quest to buy a compact tractor

and my experiences with Ben's Do It Best Lumber in Brown City Michigan

Pictures and descriptions of my tractor enhancements at the bottom of this page.

2005: It started last year after our maintenance man at work told me about the inexpensive Chinese tractors on the internet, I had been looking for a replacement for the Ford 8N and pondered the thought of a Chinese tractor. I first decided to get started with quotes from what I call the Blue, Green and Orange - New Holland, John Deere and Kubota. I got quotes from the local so called American made tractor dealers and the average price for what I was looking for was 15,000.00, I guess that's not a budget breaker but I had 8000.00 saved from an inheritance and Birthday money and the idea of no payment sounded really good. It was interesting to discover that these American tractors had Chinese diesel engines in them, My base requirements for a tractor were; At least 25 horse, Front loader, 4 wheel drive. Fold over ROPS (Roll Over Protection System)

I also looked at all the local tractor dealers for used and what I discovered is the used tractor market demands more for used tractors then the used car market, I suppose with less tractors being produced and the longevity of tractors that this is the reason they get more for them used. The average price of a used tractor was only 1000.00 to 3000.00 less than a new one.


I looked at a White at Dick Coulter Inc. in North Branch with 1600 hours on it and tried to get them to come down from the starting price of 8995.00, I found two of this same tractors on ebay that sold without a loader for 5000.00 with less hours, I called a couple places and found this size loader to be 3000 to 4000 dollars, I offered them 7000.00 for the tractor and loader and the big guy said no, he said 8500.00 was the least he would take, I went over there and drove the tractor to check out the engine, the tractor itself was in great shape for a tractor from the mid eighties, the salesperson said they still stocked parts, so when I got there the tractor was up close to building running and I drove it around. After driving it for a couple minutes hydraulic fluid started leaking out the front. I asked if he would fix it and he said they already had put a lot of money in to the tractor and they would probably not, so that deal ended. I also found out later from an owner of this same model of tractor that parts are difficult to find.


I started looking at the Jinma Chinese tractor and did a Google search and found the Nortrac (Jinma) by Northern Tool, Northern Tools prices were good but the warranty is only 6 months. I also found many of these Jinma tractors on ebay. I did some work in a small town near me called Brown City and found Ben's Do It Best Lumber, they are dealers of the Farm Pro (another Jinma), they had one in stock with a loader and back hoe. I spoke with the person at the front desk and she called someone and gave me this paper with just the top writing, then I stopped by again and asked who to speak with they said Wayne was the person to speak with regarding the tractors and the person I needed to see, they paged Wayne and we looked at the tractor at the store. Wayne said the they had another tractor that had no attachments and had 18 hours on it where they had tested it and that it was out at the their mechanics business and gave me directions to drive out and see it, he said when I got back if he was not there ask for Heather. He said they could put a loader on it and have it delivered in the week and that they had a one year warranty, I followed Wayne's directions and drove out and looked at the tractor with their tractor repair person (Mark) and he pointed out some small things that had been damaged on it while they tested it, hood latch broke, hydraulic vent missing, shift boot ripped and PTO guard bent. I went back to talk to Wayne and he had left for a while and I asked for Heather, I asked if these items the repair person pointed out could be fixed and gave her the list of things from Mark, she said they would fix these things and I asked what the best price was with an installed Koyker loader, Heather took the paper with the original quote on it and went to the store manager/owner Jim and came back and said 7550.00 for this tractor and an installed Koyker loader was the least they would take, I asked what they wanted down to get the deal started and Heather said pay at least the amount for the loader so they could get it ordered, on 03/27/2006 I gave them a 3000.00 check and they gave me an invoice for the Farm Pro 2510 w/loader and one year warranty from date of purchase with a balance of 5003.00 tax included. I called at after a  week to see what the status was, I talked to Heather and she tried to see if the loader had arrived and put me on hold for quite a while, then Todd (a store manager) came back on the phone and explained his issues with the deal, he said the price I was quoted was below their cost and that the warranty was supposed to be 6 months, he asked who gave me that price, I said Heather entered the invoice but she had cleared it with Jim (owner), Todd acted like he wanted out of the one year warranty and hem hawed around for quite a while, I told him one of the reasons I purchased at their store in the first place was the one year warranty and that the invoice they gave me said one year warranty, he said they would have to honor it and I actually went back the next day Friday and spoke with Heather and she confirmed again that the warranty was one year, Heather said the loader had came in on Thursday and Wayne was off on Friday and he would get it installed on the following Monday (04/10/2006), they are now two weeks out as far as Wayne's original statement of delivery in a week.


Ben's Do It Best Lumber in Brown City Michigan tries to renege on the original deal.

And Ben's is changing the warranty after the sale... read on

3/27/2006 Deposit was placed on this tractor

4/8/2006 - My 86 year old Mother sent me a birthday card and I had no tractor...

Tuesday 4/11/2006 - Still no tractor delivered
Called Todd
"What's the status" - I said "it has been over two weeks now"
Todd responded - He basically said the same thing he said last Friday when I spoke with him "he will look in to it" or he will "get to the bottom of this" - "this or it" meaning why is it now over two weeks on a tractor that was sitting right there and the salesperson said delivery in the week.

Todd called back and left a message stating that the owner (Jim) said the warranty is 6 months, see my invoice and notice that it says one year warranty.

Todd called and left a message on my work voice mail stating the warranty is 6 months not 1 year like my invoice says and my new tractor needs a new starter already!!!?

04/12/2006 I drove to Ben's in Brown City today and tried to speak with manager Todd but today is Todd's day off so I'm told, so I spoke with Wayne, he said the tractor has a one year warranty as far as he's concerned. I asked Wayne if I could speak with Jim and Wayne went and asked but he came back and said Jim was on the phone.

4/12/2006 - 2:15PM I called and spoke with Heather, she said not to worry that Jim the owner said they would honor it. She also spoke with Wayne on a delivery date and he said next Monday or Tuesday, 3 weeks on their 1 week agreement.

Thursday 4/13/2006 - I called Ben's and left Heather a voice mail that Todd could email me with his concerns, I thought since he had not contacted me yet email would be more convenient for him - I have not heard anything from him, I am still wondering about my one year warranty, Heather and Wayne both agree that it has a one year warranty manager. Todd says otherwise.

Good Friday 4/14/2006 11:00AM - Well I just got off the phone with Manager Todd, he said the tractor was sold to me below cost and that the warranty was misstated as one year, at first he wanted me to get my deposit back then he wanted to renegotiate the whole deal, I was upset to say the least, I told him the deal was already done, I talked to their salesperson and the price was given to me and I agreed and gave them a down payment, I also said I wanted to contact my attorney and find out what my options are and that I would document this whole situation on a web page, Manager Todd got excited and said why would I muddy their name and why would I jeopardize the livelihood of their employees, I said my intentions are not to muddy any ones name but just to document my concerns with this transaction and the way it was handled.

4/14/2006 4:40PM - Todd left a message and said Ben's Do It Best Lumber is in the process of getting the tractor ready for me, next issue for me is now the tractor was supposed to be delivered and part of the deal.

4/14/2006 5:25PM - I call and left a voice mail and told Todd delivery was part of the deal... 

4/17/2006 3:45PM - Called and talked to Wayne, I asked for a status on the tractor, he said the starter for the tractor was on back order and he had most of the front loader installed but wanted to get the starter installed before finishing the loader installation, he said neither him or Heather had an ideal of how long it would be. Wayne said to keep checking back in, This is week four, a month of my warranty is now gone...

4/19/2006 - Called and talked to Todd, he seemed anxious I was calling again and said Wayne told me he would call me, this not true, Wayne told me to keep checking in,  Todd had no ideal of a status and said he would contact Wayne.

4/20 & 4/21/2006 - I had a prescheduled couple of days off and no tractor to complete my projects.

4/24/2006 11:25AM - Called and talked to Wayne, he still has no ideal on the status of the starter, he said he needs to make a call to the same place today to order different parts and will check then, he said to keep checking back. This is 5 weeks from the day I gave them the down payment.

4/24/2006 - I called my Attorney (Bernie Penzien in Imlay City) and he said to find out if there is another dealer in the area and see if parts are actually not available, he said why would I want a tractor that parts are not available for, and if the parts are not available he instructed me to get my deposit back,  and if parts are available he said to purchase a tractor from this other dealer and sue Ben's Do It Best for the difference, I contacted Farm Pro via email and they sent me information on the closest dealers to my location,


Ben's Do It Best Lumber

4436 West Main St.

Brown City, MI  48416



Eastern Maintenance & Repair

4586 West Bay City Forestville Road

Unionville, MI  48767



I called Eastern Maintenance & Repair and spoke with Dave, I briefly explained the situation to him and he said he had a starter in stock and that he would also call Farm Pro and see if what Ben's Do It Best was saying about the back ordered starter was true, he took my name and number and said he would call back.

He called and left a voice mail message saying that he did not hear from Farm Pro but that he had a starter and Ben's was welcome to it and that he did not want to steal a sale from Ben's.

I called him back later and Dave said he would work with Ben's to see if they would like to take the starter from his inventory and just complete the deal they started.

Dave From Eastern Maintenance & Repair called me back and said he spoke with Wayne at Ben's and Wayne said he would send someone from Ben's today or tomorrow to pick up the starter and get my tractor in my yard. Dave also said that any future warranty work could be completed at his shop to avoid any more hassles with Ben's, and said hang on to the invoice that stated the warranty is one year.

4/25/2006 2:00PM - I called Dave at Eastern Maintenance & Repair and I asked if anyone from Ben's Do It Best Lumber had came to pick up the starter, he said no, I asked if he would call me if they did and he said he would.

After speaking with Dave at Eastern Maintenance & Repair, I would highly recommend this man and his business to anyone...

Dave was awesome to speak with and I appreciate his assistance.


4/26/2006 - I called the attorney (Bernie Penzien) and he said to hand deliver a letter briefly explaining the situation and stating that Ben's Do It Best has until 5:00PM Monday, May 1, 2006  to deliver the tractor as described on the invoice or I will purchase a similar tractor and sue Ben's Do It Best for the difference plus damages.


I took the notarized letter the attorney asked me to write to Ben's Do It Best Lumber, I asked for Todd and it was his day off so I spoke with Wayne and asked why he had not got the starter from Dave at Eastern Maintenance & Repair, he said they had no one to go pick it up, he asked if I would go and pick it up, JB was with me and I asked his advice on what he thought I should do, JB said maybe I should pick the part up and then I would have done all I could do to make this deal work out, so I did not give them the letter instead I drove 57 miles one way to Unionville MI and picked up the starter, I dove it back to Ben's and told Wayne - I did a favor for you now do a favor for me and get the tractor finished and out to me, Wayne said it should be to me by the weekend.


4/28/2006 1:30PM - Called Ben's to get a status from Wayne, Wayne was out to lunch so I spoke with Heather, she had no idea the status on the tractor. She said to call back after 2:00PM and speak with Wayne.

Called back at 2:15PM and talked to Wayne, he said the tractor is finished and it will be delivered today or tomorrow, I am not holding my breath.

Friday afternoon and evening came and went - no tractor delivery.


4/29/2006 11:00AM - Saturday I taught a class all day and on a break I called Ben's Do It Best to see if they still planned on delivering the tractor, the young lad on the phone said no delivery was scheduled, was I surprised? Not after all the crap I've been through with this store, I told the lad that Wayne said they would deliver the tractor Friday or Saturday, he said he would call Wayne and find out,  11:20, the lad called back and get this, he said Manager Todd wanted me to come to the store and pay the balance before they would deliver the tractor, just when I thought this could not get any sillier - it did!, I told the lad on the phone that was not the agreement and what difference did it make whether I paid the balance at the store or at my house when it was delivered, he said he would find out and call back. 11:35 he called back and said they decided that I could pay at my house and the tractor was on its way to me - do you believe it. I left the other instructor in charge at the class and drove to the house to wait for the tractor, 12:15 PM, the driver came in and unloaded the tractor, I paid him the balance and inspected the tractor, the tractor that had 18 hours on it now has 28, for some reason someone did some joy riding on it, nothing to be done about that now, I am glad it is over...


I really wanted to put a picture here of me happy on my new tractor - but to be honest Ben's Do It Best Lumber has taken all the fun out of owning this new tractor. As far as I'm concerned I don't believe I could recommend Ben's Do It Best Lumber for anything after this.


I will say after meeting Dave, I would recommend his Farm Pro Dealership at Eastern Maintenance & Repair,

4586 West Bay City Forestville Road, Unionville, MI  48767, 989-674-2334 Look at his inventory as of 4/27/2006

Dave's Farm Pro tractors carry a 2 year/2000 hour warranty...


My recap - I walked into Ben's Do It Best Lumber as a consumer looking for a tractor, followed their protocol and spoke with the person they said was their tractor sales person, both Wayne and Heather stated the warranty was one year, Heather quoted a price that came from the store owner, I think Wayne and Heather both acted efficiently and professionally and my experience with them was pleasant, then out of nowhere came Todd who I believe is a store manager, this guy had no association with the deal and I had never met or even heard of him, then he contacts me over a week later, after this I tried to speak with him in person on three occasions and he was not at the store. Todd never explained to me he had issues until over a week later and I was expecting delivery of the tractor by then, then at the end of the third week I called Todd and he expressed his concern with the deal. I got the feeling Manager Todd was riding in on his white horse to save the day on a misquote on both the price and possibly the warranty after the fact, after a long debate between Todd and I on the phone he actually said "well I guess I'm not going to win this one", I wish not to deal with a business that makes a win/lose game out of transactions with their customers. I do however feel the wasting time (5 weeks from purchase to delivery) was a ploy to remove as much time from my warranty as possible. The Koyker loader had a one year warranty and is now also minus a month due to Ben's actions.



"Things now that I'm using the tractor"


I checked the engine oil and it was a little low and very black for 28 hours on the tractor so I decided to just change it, I searched on the internet and found American replacement filter cross to either Napa 1516 or Fram PH3600, the manual says Diesel number 20 engine oil and I searched and found most say just use regular engine so I will use major brand 10-40, the engine holds 6.350 quarts.

While I was under the tractor taking out the engine oil drain plug I noticed the lock nuts on the drag link (connecting rod from tire to tire) were loose, so I tightened them, The ball joints looked like they may have not been greased and when I greased the first one the greased zerk tip broke off in my grease gun nozzle, what a bugger that was to get out the nozzle, Chinese flawed material or fluke? I replaced the zerk and finished greasing.


An interesting find on the Farm Pro (Jinma) is all the failing rubber parts, most I am discovering are dry rotted, so far the rubber caps on the springs near the hood latch, the rubber dust boot on the steering cylinder and the boot on the tie rod end on the same shaft. These are pretty easy fixes with parts from my local New Holland dealer or any tractor dealer. From the appearance of these items and rusting, this tractor sat outside a long time, these type tractors should be garage kept to at least slow these issues down.


The ROPS is a great safety feature and a tilt over ROPS is great for getting into short door buildings, the fold over ROPS on my tractor was hard to fold due to the pins not coming out easily, after a closer inspection I noticed the ROPS was tweaked a little. I loosened the bolts on the front of the axle plate and tightened the bolts on the back pulling one bar in the direction I want it to go, after it was squared up with the tractor I used a 1" drill and re-drilled the pin holes, touched up the paint and now pins can be slid out by hand and not pounded out with a hammer. If you do anything to the ROPS do not alter the structure or design, it may save your life someday. For more clearance in my case with a 7 foot barn door I cut off the exhaust flare tip and installed a flap cap. My storage space where I park the Farm Pro (Jinma) is only 16 feet long so I made the fiberglass sun shield so it can be folded down to give me 2 more feet of space.



I had trouble getting the 3-point to go down so I called Dave at Eastern Maintenance & Repair, Dave said in order to do warranty work there was supposed to be warranty paperwork signed that came from Ben's Do It Best Lumber - that did not happen. Now I need to find out how I can get this paperwork. Dave said he would call Farm Pro and find out what can be done about it.


I am still going round d round with the warranty - I contacted Farm Pro and received this email, basically it states the invoice is all that is needed and warranties can be done at any authorized Farm Pro dealer.


I saw this statement on an ebay Farm Pro listing - "Homier has annouced that they will not allow their authorized dealers to sell new Farm Pro tractors on Ebay after June 1st." - I did not correct their spelling.


Another email from Farm Pro explaining the one year warranty period.


Was tilling along last night - things were going good until I noticed NO OIL PRESSURE, I stopped the tractor immediately and made some checks with a DVM, after quite a while I discovered the wire from the sending unit to the gauge was broken somewhere, I ran a new wire and oil pressure is now working.



After many hours of investigating the best placement of hooks on the bucket I decided the ideal location is in line with the hydraulic bracket on the bucket top, I used hooks the the local automotive store and welded plates inside the bucket to help support the hooks, I feel this puts the least amount of strain on the bucket, then I decided to make an attachment that would allow me to pull from the center of the bucket. I used a 1 1/2' solid round bar with plates welded on each end and a single hook welded in the center, makes a secure center pulling spot and pivots too.



I found on the internet where a guy added a brake light in the dash that is wired to the light side of the brake light switch under the left running board, this way if you set the park brake you will know it and not drive with the park brake on. See how NormS did it.



I added a bracket and a proximity switch on the transmission to detect when the shift lever is in reverse and turn on a back up alarm, I used a Radio Shack 100dB Piezo 2-Tone Buzzer part number 273-070 and a standard 12vdc relay.



One of the issues I have is no radiator overflow and anti-freeze ending up on your land or worse in your garden, an interesting point is the stock radiator cap from Jinma says right on it to fill the overflow container (what overflow), below are pictures of what I did to remedy this issue. I had a laser printer toner bottle that was the perfect size and I made a mount on the side of the radiator support, one hose goes from the hose barb on the radiator fill through the overflow bottle lid and to bottom of the bottle, the other hose is just in the top of the bottle in case it ever overflows.



I saw a hitch that allowed the use of a 2x2 hitch bar like is used on the back of trucks, I purchased a step bumper bolt on hitch receiver at TSC and a cheap draw bar, I welded a 2 inch square tube to the top of a piece of 3" angle iron and welded two plates to top of that for the top pin, I bolted the receiver to the bottom of the draw bar with the angle iron on top using 2 half inch grade 8 bolts (if more strength is necessary this could be welded also), makes an easy way to move trailers.




Homier sells a cool looking replacement seat with somewhat of a suspension on it, it like the tractor is very cheaply made so modifications were necessary, I removed their seat adjustment plate and used the original one, this also made the seat a little higher, The holes from the new seat and the original plate don't line up and new ones have to be drilled. Don't forget to reinstall the seatbelt - this is an important safety feature.




An ebay buy - a cold weather cab, what a fun winter ride, also pictures of my old back blade made to look new, lots of sanding, grinding and applications of Right Stuff Formula 3000 Rust Neutralizer. Note: New Holland Red is pretty close to Farm Pro red.




After plowing near the busy highway I decided I wanted emergency flashers both front and back, a yellow revolving beacon would be best but again after all the mods to drive in and out of my storage building it would be something else to take off and on, the rear was easy to add flashers to, I just mounted a switch in the dash and ran fused/switched power to a regular automotive flasher and then to the wire from Norms mod to the light in the dash that was already connected to the bulb side of the rear lights (see mod above),  the front was more difficult trying to find a suitable location for another light, I decided to add another socket to the existing head lamp (Power Path 784850), this was a dremel job making the socket fit the hole I drilled. I tied the wire from both of the added sockets to the switch and now have flashing lights front and back.




200 hours now and the service manual says time to re-torque head bolts and re-lash valves, lots research on the net finds some say to loosen the head bolts first and others say just re-torque, I figured I'd just re-torque. The valve assembly has to be removed to get to 4 of the head bolts and after following someone's post the had the torque on the valve assembly too high I broke one of the stud's, luckily Tommy at Affordable Tractors came through with a new one. My note: the valve re-torque really made the engine sound and run better, not that hard to do and well worth it.



I ran across a McKee 60" 3-point hitch snow blower (Sno-Lander model 320) for sale, it was rusty but the mechanics and metal was in good shape for it's age of 30 years plus. I pulled some favors from friends on the sand blasting and painting, I paid 500.00 for the blower and and put 120.00 in the re-conditioning. I am told what took me 6 hours to back blade should take a hour or so with the blower - we shall see...





More as it occurs...

Update 2015:

After using the snow blower for a few years - what a difference, easier to move lots of snow, no wind rowing for the next snow, cleaner look when finished, not to mention the time saved blowing over pushing, I first used the snow blower on the gear drive Farm Pro, lot of shifting from high to low range and back as snow depth changed, now I am using a Kubota HST and it's night and day changing speeds, looking of your shoulder is a little hard on the neck but with the blower I'm not on the tractor as long.




Remember: if you modify anything on your tractor whether you use my ideal, your own design or someone else, you do so at your own risk, do not under any circumstances reverse engineer, revise or disable any safety features.  And always use safety features properly.




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